Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition is here!

Mali Klein has done it again!  The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition 1922-2022 is now back from the printers and available exclusively at Blue Moon Herbs and Great Divide Books Montana on Amazon! This Snow/Klein book #7 is the most comprehensive, insightful and all-encompassing presentation of the history of Rene Caisse and Essiac on the planet, and it always will be. It is the product of the decades-long collaboration of Sheila Snow-Fraser and Mali Klein, not only friends but allies in doing all they could to make sure Essiac was never forgotten. This book is beautifully put together and will be a great addition to anyone's library now or in the future! 

Each successive Snow/Klein book about Essiac paints a fuller picture of what Mali Klein has concluded after half a lifetime of Essiac research. The final strokes are bold. This book impeccably sets forth the complete story of Rene Caisse and Essiac from its modern world debut in the late 19th century all the way into the 21st century where it's still being told.

The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition 1922-2022 is unique in so many ways! It is full of beautiful color illustrations. We pulled out the stops for this, the Last Best One from the Last Best Place, Montana. The book was produced from high quality materials and is designed to benefit not only the current occupants of our world, but those who come after. It is in a class of its own in so many ways. From interesting touches like not even one blank page, not even the very first and last ones, to the very big significance of this being the last word from the women who were Rene Caisse's friends and closest allies. It's the straight version of the history of Essiac and its meant for the benefit of all, as Rene wanted the whole world to know about Essiac and to have access to it.

Softcover, 2021, Sheila Snow/Mali Klein, 207 p. Available starting November 8, 2022 on this website and from Great Divide Books Montana on Amazon.

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