Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Making it count: The Essiac Master Batch

Everyone's Equal Wholesale Option

This is our biggest size by far. Rene Caisse used to make this same amount on almost a daily basis and Mary McPherson helped her box and mail it to out-of-town patients. Rene also had a set-up at her home much like a Speakeasy where people could come and get a bottle of Essiac anonymously from a box at the door opening!

The Essiac Master Batch is especially perfect for buying clubs or groups of friends, family, small-scale businesses or any group with an interest in natural health. It is a win-win. We can offer a wholesale-style discount because we save on shipping and packaging costs by selling bulk, not to mention it is better business environmentally speaking. And most of all it is in keeping with our main mission: helping make Essiac more affordable and available, though not at Walgreens scale! We believe in keeping the power in the Little People's hands 🙂 ...and keeping it simple!

How Much Essiac will the Master Batch make?

One Essiac Master Batch amounts to 2 lbs. 13 oz. (45 oz. or 1,276g by weight).  This amounts to  over 2000 2-oz. servings of the liquid decoction, which would be enough for quite an occasion! One adult will consume 260 2-oz.servings per year, including breaks, on average (approx. 10 fl. oz./week). The Master batch will therefore make enough tea for up to 8 people for a year, or over 30 people for three months! The herbs come packaged separately. This is so you can see exactly what you are getting. The portions are too small to do that with our smaller sizes.

Once the herbs are mixed (detailed instructions included) you can store them in a gallon jar for up to a year in a cool, dark, dry place. You can make up anything from one quart to several gallons at a time....this is the very best price per ounce we offer. We include the recipe that Rene Caisse's helper Mary McPherson gave for Essiac in an affidavit filed with the Town of Bracebridge Ontario, Canada.

Show me the root!  Sheep sorrel, that is.

Now that Sheep sorrel root's central importance to the Essiac formula is widely recognized, many Essiac makers are beginning to include it in their products, but supply remains a huge issue. In 2021 we will begin harvesting Sheep sorrel root from the 2020 planting in our gardens in Hot Springs, MT!  The world needs more Sheep sorrel growers. Contact us if interested in learning more, or go to the Essiac Growers Guild on Facebook for growing tips. Get your seeds here~!

We take honesty in advertising very seriously.  "Show me the root?" - OK!

Open source advertising, maybe you could call it!  A picture is worth a thousand words. We've decided to give our customers an option to see just what they're getting when they buy Blue Moon Herbs Essiac. To accomplish this, the herbs in the Master Batch all come packaged separately. 

The Essiac Master Batch contents:

  • 1lb. 8 oz. Burdock root, US-grown  (Oregon Tilth) certified organic, coarse-cut
  • 12 oz. Sheep sorrel, arial parts, US-grown certified organic, cut 
  • 4 oz. Sheep sorrel roots, US-grown (Oregon Tilth) certified organic, cut
  • 4 oz. Slippery elm, inner bark, US-grown wildcrafted, powdered
  • 1 oz. Turkey rhubarb, root, US-grown certified organic, powdered
  • Burdock seed - 100 seeds 
  • Sheep sorrel seed - 1g 
  • Instructions for mixing the Master Batch
  • The Essiac Essentials HandbookMali Klein, 2016, softcover, 82 p.

This price is 30% off our 8 oz. price and amounts to under 12 cents per one oz. serving!

***At this time, we do not sell Sheep sorrel roots separately.

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