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The Beatles! My story.

48 years ago today - August 25, 1966, Seattle Colisseum - the Beatles in concert!….  there I was, just 50 feet from the stage, at what was to be the third to last concert the Beatles ever performed. I was just a Montana teeny-bopper, following the Beatles in the teeny-bopper magazines  - Tiger Beat, Datebook..I discovered that they were coming to Seattle! A mere 588 miles from Helena Montana and I didn't even have a learner's permit.  But I was a huge fan, and that would not stop me.  So, I wrote a note.  To: the City of Seattle, Seattle, Wash.  I asked them how to go about getting tickets to the Beatles concert?

They wrote back!  City Commissioner Ted Best notified me that I had two complimentary tickets awaiting me in the City Council offices!!!!  After some really fervent begging and bribing, I convinced my parents to take a vacation to Seattle, and my Mom agreed to go with me to the concert, even though she did not really like the Beatles. 🙂

Turns out, the seats were alongside the stage, in the first section, 'totally close'!  In fact…Paul did see me, I just know he did.  I still can't believe we had such good seats.  I tried to sneak off 'to go to the bathroom' - but Mom saw right through that, and would not let me out of her sight.  Ok, I confess - I was on a mission: backstage or bust! Seeing the Beatles was one of those pivotal events in my life and the memories really came back for me this Aug. 5….because

…on this magic day just three under weeks ago -  Paul McCartney actually came to Missoula Montana and gave a concert!!  Haha, Mali Klein and her Essiac master classes have started a trend, perhaps?  Meeting in Missoula, always a wonderful adventure!  Of course I went to the concert, but this time, Paul did not see me.  I was about 200 feet back this time.

But what a show.  He really has still got it.  In 1966 everyone was screaming during the songs - in 2014 we were all singing along! It was a good day. And the fans sure did come out!  Missoula has 68,000 population, and there were over 25,000 concert-goers.  They had to flag folks off the interstate so many were coming in to town!  The pre-party at Caras Park totally sold out of food, but true to western protocol, I hear there was plenty of beer. It was the largest gathering in the history of the state of Montana!

The following week Sir Paul played Candlestick Park in San Francisco. It was where the Beatles played their last concert, on August 29, 1966. Paul's August 14 concert was the last one before they demolish the stadium.

Labor day weekend is coming and the office will be closed from Tuesday August 26 - Tuesday September 2.  All orders placed during that time will ship on Tuesday Sept. 2. May you enjoy the last of August!

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."~  Helen Keller



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