Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Roots are at the root of it!

Something Rehmannia  Dean Thomas said has piqued my curiosity - he is big on Chinese medicine, and sells mushroom extracts and combinations and also has a channel on  He has a book out called Healing Thresholds, A Modern Journey Into Taoist Health Philosophy, that proposes that "Small changes in behavior - such as thoroughly chewing our food, choosing almond milk instead of dairy milk, taking a green super food, or taking a daily brisk walk - may seem on the surface to be unconsequential things, but such modest, non-invasive shifts in our diet and lifestyle can wind up triggering profound changes in our health and the integrity of our life experience."

He comments that in Chinese medicine, the "roots are at the root of it."  That they use the roots of herbs that in America, we only use the tops of...and sheep sorrel immediately came to my mind.

Here is another cool site I have recently come across:   They have a couple morsels on Essiac inhibiting prostate tumor growth, but nothing on Sheep sorrel, let alone its root!  Basically, there is next to no information on sheep sorrel root in the literature.  Mali Klein proposes that the original 8-herb Essiac was comprised entirely of roots and bark, with no tops.  In fact, there appears to be little or no information or research into periwinkle, red clover, watercress, OR sheep sorrel roots.  To date, at least..

Today I watched the 2011 edition of the Zeitgeist movie - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - the full length version, on YouTube.  Here are a few facts to know and tell that I jotted down, its a great movie, quite informative, and saying much of the same message as the Thrive movie. Even though these are some pretty dire facts,  the movie is quite empowering.  They speak of a lot of good things to come, when the way things are now is finished and our lives are no longer governed by money, or the lack of it, when new technologies can be implemented without being repressed any longer!  For now its a bit of a strange carnival ride that we are all on. Equanimity is a great quality to cultivate at this time, which too shall pass, as surely as spring is giving way to summer!

  • The US alone spends about $500 billion on defense.  This is enough to send every high school senior to college for four years.
  • The comptroller of currency stated in 2003 that the interest on the US national debt will not be affordable in less than 10 years...yikes that's next year..
  • 4 corporations own all the major media outlets
  • They recommend boycotting Citibank, JP Morgan, Chase and Bank of America.  I get almost daily credit card invites from Citibank, Chase and Bank of card offers are like sharks circling!!  I avoid all of them.
  •  WMCs – weapons of mass creation - I like this idea.
  • The service sector currently employs over 80% of the US workforce
  •  The $20 Trillion dollar bank bailouts starting in 2007 would have been enough to cover converting the global energy infrastructure to fully renewable methods.
  • The deadliest form of violence is poverty – Ghandi
  • Poverty kills more people than all of the wars in history, than all of the murderers in history, more than all of the suicides in history, all added together.
  • By 2030, 4 billion will be impacted by fresh water shortages (currently at 2.8 billion)
  • The destruction of arable cropland, from which 99.7% of our human food supply comes today, is happening up to 40 times faster than it is being replenished. Over the past 40 years, 30% of the arable land has become unproductive.
  • By 2030 there might be more than 8 billion people on this planet.
  • From 1970-2010, poverty doubled on this planet.
Stay tuned for the next installment, all about permaculture, an upcoming Essiac Master Class by Mali Klein,
....and all things Essiac, as usual 🙂

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