Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Introducing a new cup of tea!

We're so pleased to announce that we finally have found a source for organically grown whole herb Sheep sorrel! Historically, there has been virtually no commercial source for whole herb Sheep sorrel. Even the wildcrafted root is not for sale anywhere. The arial parts of the plant are fairly readily available, but neither sheep sorrel roots nor  the whole herb, including roots,  has basically ever been commercially available anywhere.  It's labor-intensive to harvest commercially, and since harvest wipes out the crop, it has to be re-planted, and can effectively only be harvested once a year at best. It really doesn't pencil out for commercial farms to grow it.

With much gratitude we wish to send a Big Thank You! to Pacific Botanicals for taking a limited spring harvest of whole herb sheep sorrel!  And with much pleasure we wish to announce that we now offer three different choices in the   Sheep sorrel root content of our  Essiac herbs.

First let's be clear:  We are not changing anything about the public domain formula that we have always followed in making our Essiac herbal blend!  The overall ratio of Sheep sorrel to the other three herbs is the same, and everything else about the formula is the same. The differences are in the roots:tops ratio of the Sheep sorrel.

Although the public domain formula does not specify the tops:root ratio for the Sheep sorrel portion of the formula (it just says 'Sheep sorrel herb'), according to Rene Caisse's July 1976 correspondence with Dr. Chester Stock of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Research Center, including the root was crucial: "I read over their preparation and found that they were only using the leaves & stems leaving out, the roots, which are very essential in the 'Essiac'..."

Mali Klein gets even more specific, based on her research:

"Fact:  You don't need large doses of Classic Essiac tea if you have best quality herbs mixed in the correct proportions and the Sheep sorrel content is not less than 10% root.  The more Sheep sorrel root you include in the herb mix, the better the tea will be." - Mali Klein, The Complete Essiac Essentials

Variety is the spice of life!! When it came to deciding just which proportions of roots, arial parts, and whole herb to use in the Sheep sorrel portion of the formula, ....we decided to mix it up! Rene Caisse is known to have used a variety of Essiac formulae in her work, and now you can too.  Now there are three choices  🙂


Original Blend - with wildcrafted Sheep sorrel root. This is the way we have always been offering our Special Blend Essiac Herbs, and will continue to. The roots:tops ratio is  12.5% wildcrafted sheep sorrel roots. and 87.5% arial parts of the plant. The root content is 12.5%.

Whole Herb Blend -  highest root content. Organically grown whole herb sheep sorrel. This blend features whole herb Sheep sorrel as 100% of the sheep sorrel content. Rene Caisse is known to have used the whole herb when harvesting in the early spring, before the plants went to flower, and this is when this whole herb Sheep sorrel was harvested, in May 2013. The root content is estimated at 60-70%.

Although all three blends taste much the same, the Whole Herb Blend is our most potent blend, with the highest root content.

Synergy Blend - best of both worlds. With both wild-harvested root, and organically grown whole Sheep sorrel herb. The 'synergistic effect' is a term long associated with Essiac, in describing how the four herbs work in combination. In keeping with this concept, the Sheep sorrel content in this blend combines the best of all worlds and is 50% whole herb, 45% arial parts, and 5% wildcrafted roots.  There is just nothing like wild-harvested Sheep sorrel root, but to have a 50% root content would take a lot of wildcrafting! With a little help from the farmer, we can do it. 🙂

Spring wildcrafted whole herb Sheep sorrel

Spring wildcrafted whole herb Sheep sorrel

This blend offers a balance of part wildcrafted root (wild life-force energy!), part whole herb (maximum root content), and part tops (green energy!). This blend is my personal favorite! The root content is estimated at 30-40%.

SB1 original
Original Blend
Synergy Blend
Synergy Blend
SB3 Whole herb
Whole Herb Blend
Wild root
Nothing like that wild-harvested root!

We hope you enjoy the expanded selection of Essiac herbs we now offer - check out our Special Blend Sampler and get one of each, any size, at the '3 for' discount price!

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