Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Happy Birthday Rene Caisse!!

Happy Birthday Rene!

Its August 11, 2022, exactly 134 years from the day Rene Caisse was born in 1888, in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada! 2022 also marks 100 years since Rene got the original Essiac recipe from a patient of hers in the hospital at Haileybury, Ontario. The patient described how she had gotten the recipe from a Native American medicine man some 30 years earlier and had fully recovered from a case of breast cancer that had been diagnosed in Toronto. The patient, Mrs. Johnson, or Johnston (which is as close to her real name as we'll get, because a few years later the hospital burned down and the records were lost), in sharing the formula with Rene, marked Essiac's birth into the world of 20th century medicine. 100 years ago allopathic medicine, aka modern western medicine, had just begun sharing the stage with herbal medicine, which had been around for a very long time indeed. 100 years later and Essiac has managed to survive. Perhaps there is some value in the anecdotal record! Today herbal medicine is regaining recognition as we once again behold the simplicity and fundamental common sense of the idea of food as medicine.

Its been a while since I have written a blog, but every August 11, there is sure to be a very Happy Birthday to Rene, and here it is. More to come this fall including a new book from Mali Klein: The Complete Essiac Essentials Centennial Edition! Currently at the printers! Debbie

Thank you Rene Caisse for your gift of Essiac! It has made it to the 21st century without being lost to history, no small feat!

Blue Moon Herbs has been dedicated to keeping Essiac and information about it available for the benefit of all, to help preserve Rene Caisse's legacy and help folks enjoy the fruits of it. Essiac is a fundamental and very pleasant facilitating factor in the art of living life with compassion and love and in wellness. Before enlightenment, drink Essiac. After enlightenment, drink Essiac. Enjoy your Essiac and Love your neighbor!!

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