Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Essiac Tea and Diet

Mali Klein talks about the role diet plays in the body's ability to heal itself and how working with Essiac as part of that can be beneficial. Mali gives some diet guidelines for cancer patients and emphasizes the importance of everyone making their own personal choices about what to do with their diet and other health factors in order to heal and even thrive.

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  1. I like that she didn’t say you need to be on any special diet.

  2. I’ve been wondering why you shouldn’t bring Essiac to boil and only steaming. What happens if it comes to a boil? How does it effect the tea? I have mistakenly brought it to a boil by not watching it very closely and then immediately stopped it, did that ruin the tea?

    • I am not sure why it is not brought to a boil when re-heating. It is how Rene Caisse did it, as recorded in Mary McPherson's affidavit, so that's how we do it 🙂 That said, if it does accidentally come to a boil, this wouldn't be a reason to throw it out. In the perfect world however you would just bring it to steaming hot, that's all you really need to do before bottling.

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