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Essiac Master Class Part 2 – Meet us in Missoula!

 An invitation to Essiac Master Class Part 2

Surviving Cancer.

The Open Way - 702 Brooks St.

Missoula, Montana

October 12-13, 2013

A Workshop with Mali Klein, author of

The Complete Essiac Essentials 

And Debbie Jakovac


In Part 2 of the Essiac Master Class, author and researcher Mali Klein will discuss the importance of the original Native American eight-herb formula that Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse used to develop her Essiac therapy made famous in the Bracebridge Cancer Clinic in the 1930’s.  She will describe her experiences working with cancer patients over the past two decades and consider the relevance of the Essiac remedy in treatment programs today.

After writing four books on Essiac, Mali Klein now looks back to the time before Rene Caisse and before this tea became known as Essiac.  The earliest records begin with an English woman in a mining camp in northern Ontario in the late 1800s.  She received a gift from a medicine man that she  passed on to Rene Caisse twenty-some years later. Mali has some practical and insightful perspective to share about the original eight-herb formula and its relevance in today's world. She has been researching and writing about Essiac since 1993 and is also curator of the world’s largest body of Essiac history, the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive collection.

Black Root Medicine, the Original Native American Essiac Formula breaks new ground and will be a complete departure from the earlier books on Rene Caisse and Essiac.

This master class is designed for professionals and laypersons, patients and doctors alike.  It’s for anyone who wishes to learn more about this remedy from the last living link to Rene Caisse, a well-liked and widely-respected source of Essiac knowledge, Mali Klein.

Mali teaches one master class per year, and true to the intended meaning of ‘master class’, no videotaping will be allowed in order that she may speak candidly.


Growing and Harvesting the Essiac Herbs, for ourselves, our communities and for the future  

Mali Klein founded Clouds Trust in the UK and has been growing and harvesting the Essiac herbs continually for the past nineteen years. Debbie Jakovac is the owner and operator of and has been involved with wild-harvesting and growing the Essiac herbs since 2007.  She has been involved in all aspects of running a small business geared towards making the Essiac herbs available commercially. She is currently researching a model for local and regional production of the herbs that will facilitate a marriage of the best of medium-scale commercial organic farming and smaller-scale production utilizing permaculture principles.

The model anticipates creating a bioregional Essiac Growers Guild network that will ultimately build community, create a niche for small-time entrepreneurs and help keep quality Essiac and other herbal remedies widely available.

Hugelkultur bed!

Hugelkultur raised bed - Permaculture design

Open to all, attendance at Essiac Master Class Part 1 is not required.

Click here to register online. 

Or, call (406) 883-0110

Hope to see you there!


"Thank you for a wonderful class. There is such a feeling of getting back to the roots. ha ha. That tea spirit was swimming around inside and I realized how this modern life (caffeine, thousands of supplements, encapsulated "herbal' products etc etc) override the power of the plant. I myself barely take the time.?Thank you for providing all of that."  S.L., 2012 Master Class attendant


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