Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Springtime in the Rockies

It's all in the attitude, I'm hoping. Plus, spring really is in just only about 2 weeks. We got stuck in Kalispell MT last Friday due to blowing snow and cold. Decided to go to Home Depot and get flower seeds!

I am really excited to plant all kinds of stuff in our gardens including the rainbow in flowers! And we are going to try a lot of different experimental ways of growing Sheep sorrel. I pried a big bag of organic potting soil out of a snowdrift in the outdoor garden center - they were on sale and just outside the automatic door which still opened.. 🙂 Damn shopping cart kept getting stuck in the snow and a big wind was blowing and it was dark out and well below 0...

The month of March has been record wintry weather for this time of the year even in Montana. It is way more like January than this last January was! This is very strange, actually. Anybody else having a record-setting March? Sheep sorrel isn't one bit scared of snow but is sure not going to sprout anywhere but inside for now in these parts LOL...happy spring seed starting everyone!

8 year old Slippery elm in winter dormancy

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