Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Video of Mary McPherson making Essiac!

I just found this, thank you Victoria for telling me about it!  This bit of video of Mary McPherson making Essiac has surfaced, and is well worth the watch.  Only 8 mins. long, and some change.  Enjoy!

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  1. In the Mary McPherson video it shows her making a very large batch compared to the amounts listed on the video of one quart of water and once ounce of herbs. The video shows what looks like mud as the "slug" sediment left over. Can you tell me why my Essiac tea sediment from your company drones not look the same as in the video. My sediment is not muddy at all, it is almost the same looking as when it goes in at the beginning. It is not thick nor dark brown colored like Mary's in the video. I'm following the directions to the letter in making the tea correctly.

    • Hi Susan, possibly the difference was partially from the sheep sorrel being powdered, while ours is cut but other than that what we have is what Mary used. Also the herbs vary from year to year, due to variations in growing conditions and soil composition, and the color of the decoction is also affected by the pH of the water used.

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