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Back to the Source – Rene Caisse’s home town Bracebridge – Part 2

After visiting Rene Caisse's statue and Bracebridge Falls, we took a stroll up the main drag, Manitoba Street, where Rene's Father had his Barbershop.  Manitoba Street, then and now:

Manitoba Street c. 1900

Manitoba Street 2012

Just out of the above photo, up the street to the right, is the Bracebridge Public Library. They have five boxes of Rene Caisse info.  But, it was a little anti-climatic..the contents were manilla folders, most of them with one sheet of paper in them.  So, the actual total amount of papers wasn't very much. The librarian made me promise not to publish any pictures or video showing the librarians...not sure why but there you go.  I promised.  Someday I will go back and look at everything and take longer.  I snapped a few pictures from the papers:  

And then up the street another block or so, to Rene Caisse Lane! Hmm..well its only a block long, but I am really glad they have named a street after her, anyway.

Then, one block off Manitoba, Rene's clinic:  It was an eerie feeling trying the door of the clinic and finding it locked.  Numerous times during the 1930s Rene had to close the doors due to politics. And, right across the street from the clinic, the Courthouse!  Rene is quoted as saying "...I was always one jump ahead of a policeman.  We were right across from the town jail, and the keeper used to joke that he was saving a cell for me." 

Bless Rene's heart, she never did get shipped off to jail, but it really is too bad that she had to feel so threatened.  The medical establishment was not a little perturbed that so many of her patients had been given up on by them, and were able to benefit from Rene's treatments.

Coming next: Rene's grave and the Rene M. Caisse Theatre as the leaves begin to fall... and the tragedy of the Woodchester Villa, where the Rene Caisse museum display used to be...



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