Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!


Introducing Essiac Extra!

Essiac Extra is our version of a "double strength" Essiac. The herbs-to-water ratio is the same as all of our Essiac blends - the "double strength" part comes from using twice as much Sheep sorrel root (and half as much leaf) in the mix.

The more Sheep sorrel root in Essiac, the more potent it is.  Rene Caisse hung her hat on the importance of it as the key active ingredient in Essiac. We don't usually include more than 25% roots in our Essiac formulae, so that we can consistently have enough of a supply to maintain that ratio. But for a while... we are going to make Essiac with 50% roots. The times seem to call for a little extra boost to our good immunity!

With the higher root content, the boiling time for Essiac Extra decoction is lengthened slightly. Other than that the entire preparation process is the same. The recommended dosage is the same, 1-2 fl. oz. (30-60ml) per day. It has a great smooth feel to it and is a little darker than regular Essiac. It tastes awesome!

AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  In a perfect world everyone would have access to great Essiac made using the public domain Essiac formula, containing Sheep sorrel with at least 25% roots. Essiac blends containing other herbs or a higher percentage of Sheep sorrel roots would be readily available as well with the common denominator being a healthy ratio of Sheep sorrel roots no matter what else. In an even more perfect world, people would be growing their own medicinal herbs and making their own Essiac and being empowered and healed by the very act of hands in dirt nurturing new beginnings.

But the world is not quite perfect yet! Blue Moon Herbs continues to offer the seeds to grow your own Essiac herbs so you can augment the quantity of root in your Essiac without hugely adding to the cost, and we will be upping the root content in our Essiac for a few months, in the form of Essiac Extra.

Fact: Most of the Sheep sorrel in Rene Caisse's Essiac was the aerial parts. Supplies were scarce, demand was high, and she was not able to come near to including 100% roots in her Essiac. She reserved the roots mainly for her injectable therapy which was a Sheep sorrel decoction. Because it was an injection this enabled many more people to receive the medicine as a much smaller amount was used compared to in the tea form. Most likely the success she had during the time she had her Bracebridge Ontario Essiac Cancer Clinic derived from this Sheep sorrel injection. Much easier would be to grow your own Sheep sorrel in a pot on your patio or in your garden and add extra roots when you make your Essiac! Injections of herbal decoctions are no longer an accepted method!

It is not known for certain whether excluding all the Sheep sorrel aerial parts in Essiac is the best course. Some research indicates that juice from the leaves may have properties that add to its overall positive impact. We at Blue Moon like to always include at least some leaves because Rene Caisse did. Essiac with 100% roots would be prohibitively expensive to produce on a large scale. "We the People" can grow it ourselves for next to nothing though!

Conclusion: Rene Caisse did not have enough Sheep sorrel root to make Essiac with all or even mostly roots because she had too many people wanting Essiac. She was the only supplier in the world. In today's world the commercial availability of Sheep sorrel root is very low so it doesn't make any sense to try to include such a high percentage unless you grow your own.  We are working on the supply end by growing and contracting for growing specifically for the root. For the time, we are very pleased to offer Essiac with Extra Sheep sorrel roots, while supplies last! Enjoy your Essiac Extra!

Who is to say a Cup of Tea Can’t Change the World

Maybe it's the only thing that really can. Stop, Listen, Be. Take time for a re-set. Sipping hot liquids appears to be a good idea. That was not medical advice.

Blue Moon Herbs is a small independent Montana business that has been proudly making high quality Essiac tea herbs for the general public since 2007. We also have a commitment to community connections and win-win solutions that benefit everyone, especially those most in need. Our mission is to be a shining example of how much more a company can be beyond just providing goods and/or services.

Blue Moon Herbs is one of the top sources worldwide for high-quality and affordable Essiac herbs, Sheep sorrel roots included. The vast majority of Essiac mixes have no Sheep sorrel roots in them at all - only leaves. The Sheep sorrel in our Essiac blend is 25% roots.  Generally the ratio of sorrel roots to aerial parts in Essiac is unstated, because it is such a tiny amount. Arupa Swiss, in Germany, is a good source for European customers, with 30% roots. They follow the proper techniques and formulae as taught by Mali Klein. Because of what's going on in the world right now, it makes sense to order your Essiac herbs from as close a source as possible to reduce the cost of shipping expenses and the wear and tear on systems caused by shipping small items over vast distances. We are pleased to suggest Arupa as an option for folks across the world from the US. Thanks!

We operate from the core principles of permaculture: caring for the earth, caring for the people, and sharing the bounty. We use sustainable and intensive organic methods both in the field and in our office, where we work as a team on all operations.

We sell the herbs, tea-making supplies, books and more online and in stores in Montana’s Flathead Valley and the region. We also make the Essiac herbs available to those in need at reduced or no charge in our area through the Glad To Be Here Project, which we designed to bring people together around inexpensive, simple ways of staying well, including taking Essiac! We encourage others to do this too. In that spirit, we offer the Essiac Master Batch, which includes 2 lbs. 13.5 oz. of Essiac herbs, enough for a fine Essiac caregiving effort, or several families pooling their resources for the lowest per ounce price for the herbs.

We grow and wild-harvest part of our own Sheep sorrel roots and are proud members of the Made in Montana program. In addition we contract with a commercial organic grower specifically for Sheep sorrel roots. This is because although the Sheep sorrel “herb” is commercially available, the roots are not. Once in a Blue Moon” – Essiac with the Sheep sorrel portion 25% roots…that’s us!

Our purpose rests on honoring the legacy of the Native American Medicine Man who first brought the knowledge of the tea out of the Northern Ontario bush in the 1890s, sharing it freely with an English woman. We also honor the legacy of Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, who refined the formula in the 1920s and brought it to the general public. We follow all that is known about Nurse Caisse’s working methods and materials and always keep an eye to what will be best for future generations.

Rene Caisse’s dream 50 years ago was for Essiac to be known and available to everyone everywhere. Mali Klein has devoted the last 25+ years of her life to this vocation, researching growing methods and treatment protocols with the various Essiac formulae. Alone and collectively with Sheila Snow, she has produced six books on Essiac. Ms. Klein recently completed the curation of the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive Collection, which is the world’s largest collection of Essiac history, including news clippings, private correspondence, business records, patient histories and more.

Shortly after January 1, 2020 the Essiac Archive custodians provided 45 individuals and organizations across the world with electronic copies of the entire Essiac archive collection. One of them, Debbie Jakovac (me), is the owner of Blue Moon Herbs. Watch the website to see Essiac history being shared for the first time as the entire collection comes out over the coming weeks and months.

Cancer Research, Ancestral Medicine, Essiac Archive 1926-2019

Mali and Debbie have collaborated since 2010 to keep Essiac going on into the future beyond our lifetimes. The amount of heart and soul that Mali has given for Essiac is our inspiration to continue this work.

We support exploring what herbal medicine can mean in the 21st century for keeping and/or regaining optimum health. We believe the best way Blue Moon Herbs can do this is by providing the resources so people can freely make their own informed choices. A Cup of Tea can always help....

“As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There's a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother's pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, 'In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes'.” Aprilynne Pike, Illusions

May we All Be Well.

All the Best...From Blue Moon Herbs to You!

Open House in Columbia Falls MT at Anchor Nutrition December 17 from 3-6 pm!

Proudly introducing the second of our two newest sources for Essiac in Montana's Flathead Valley - Anchor Nutrition in Columbia Falls! Here's hoping there is not a blizzard that day LOL.

Open House at Bigfork Alternative Health Dec. 10 from 3-6 pm!

New: Essiac with Red Clover, And more.

We are back from the First International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology, in Geneva Switzerland, and very excited to share all of the new understandings we have gained. We have also added a few new products to our online store over the past weeks and months. Here is a quick review, with links!

Essiac with Red Clover - Our nod to Red clover, which is an herb that was in the original 8-herb Native formula, and one that Rene Caisse worked with as an alternative, adjunct therapy to the standard 4-herb Essiac. Available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes!

Essiac Gold - 4-herb Essiac with added Goldenseal. Now available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes! Previously only in the 10g size.

Essiac Sampler Pack. Try one packet each of our Classic 4-herb Essiac, Essiac with Red Clover, and Essiac Gold. Available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes and at a discount over the prices when purchased separately.

The Essiac Master Batch This is our wholesale option. We don't focus our marketing energies on large or faraway stores -- or advertising at all, for that matter! But when it comes to Buying Clubs, nonprofits and other grassroots groups, the Essiac Master Batch is for them. It is priced at 30% off the per ounce price of our 8 oz. size. It is our Industrial scale Essiac, weighing in at 2 lbs. 13 oz., but if you have ten people you will use it up in just a few months or depending on the occasion, a whole lot more people over a whole lot less time. It contains each herb bagged separately so folks can see for themselves the difference between how Sheep sorrel leaf looks vs. the root. Technically, you could make 1/4 of it up, using all of the Sheep sorrel root and none of the aerial parts, for Essiac with the Sheep sorrel content 100% roots! The Master Batch is for economy and also to help bring people together around Essiac, a favorite pursuit at Blue Moon Herbs. 😉

Essiac Topical Solution Herbs Essiac Topical Solution Herbs provide alternative ways to work with a higher content of Sheep sorrel root. The mix is a hefty 63% Sheep sorrel roots, a much higher overall ratio than the 4-herb Essiac tea. Can be used internally or externally.

Enjoy the rest of the summer~!

1st International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology Day 2: Ancestral Medicine Section – Introducing Essiac

The Ancestral Medicine Section of the First International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology and Ethical and Sustainable Patient Care was held on Saturday, June 29, 2019. The place: Geneva Switzerland! We were there to see Mali Klein's presentation on the subject of the relevance of Essiac to health and healing in the 21st Century. Following Mali's presentation on Essiac are presentations by her co-panel members Dr. Patrick Shan (France) - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Manan Soni (India), Ayurveda. The speakers are very informative and provide a great perspective on the nature of healing and the common themes that cut across cultural and temporal boundaries.

Springtime in the Rockies

It's all in the attitude, I'm hoping. Plus, spring really is in just only about 2 weeks. We got stuck in Kalispell MT last Friday due to blowing snow and cold. Decided to go to Home Depot and get flower seeds!

I am really excited to plant all kinds of stuff in our gardens including the rainbow in flowers! And we are going to try a lot of different experimental ways of growing Sheep sorrel. I pried a big bag of organic potting soil out of a snowdrift in the outdoor garden center - they were on sale and just outside the automatic door which still opened.. 🙂 Damn shopping cart kept getting stuck in the snow and a big wind was blowing and it was dark out and well below 0...

The month of March has been record wintry weather for this time of the year even in Montana. It is way more like January than this last January was! This is very strange, actually. Anybody else having a record-setting March? Sheep sorrel isn't one bit scared of snow but is sure not going to sprout anywhere but inside for now in these parts LOL...happy spring seed starting everyone!

8 year old Slippery elm in winter dormancy

The Glad To Be Here Project

In 2018 we started a project encompassing our Flathead Valley and surrounding communities called the Glad To Be Here Project. There are many reasons for being glad to be in the heart of Western Montana, with the grandeur of Glacier National Park and the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake right out your window. Glad to be here is a state of mind though, and the positive effects from Essiac can make it apply to wherever we find ourselves. There is beauty inside us no matter where we go. Read More →

Essiac Tea and Diet

Mali Klein talks about the role diet plays in the body's ability to heal itself and how working with Essiac as part of that can be beneficial. Mali gives some diet guidelines for cancer patients and emphasizes the importance of everyone making their own personal choices about what to do with their diet and other health factors in order to heal and even thrive.

Happy New Year from Blue Moon Herbs and Mali Klein!

2019 - Year of  Great Connections!

Wishing all of our friends, colleagues and customers a very happy, healthy 2019! Above, from left to right are the team at Blue Moon Herbs with Mali Klein, who visited recently - Emily Angelo, Danielle Yoder, Anais Starr, Debbie Jakovac, Mali Klein, and Hannah Rostocki. Not pictured are Angie Vance, Danielle's and Emily's daughters and sons, who are Junior Blue Mooners 🙂 nor the many more who remain anonymous but have helped us help you better through their friendship love and support.

Update as of February 9, 2019:The light is now noticeably coming back here on the 47th parallel, both in length and intensity. January was a bit of a winter no-show as we watched points east of Montana getting the business. But ever since February came, it has been blizzarding and making up for lost time. I'm just about done dreaming of hills blossoming in green and gold and planting Sheep sorrel and a candy store's worth of vegetable and herb seeds, many from Strictly Medicinal Seeds and, snow or not I shall plant seeds next week! Inside. Ho hum! Outside and planting and prepping the irrigation system, adding lots of wood chips, etc., all too soon by May or maybe even April it'll be time to trade in the parka for gardening duds! Its been a few years of getting underway with infrastructure in our garden in Hot Springs Montana. Just recently we tested our Sheep sorrel seed and it is ready and viable, 50% germination rate, and those tiny seeds guarantee a good outcome.

This original blog was posted on January 12, literally just a few days guessed it...winter officially really started nailing us... 🙂 Boy do I sound naive! 

How Bout the Weather this Winter!

"Another six short weeks and what so far is the warmest winter I can remember in my whole life of living in Montana won't have enough blast left to make a cold snap. Hopefully there will be moisture of some sort coming, though. Our area is naturally on the dry side and we need snow in the mountains in the winter to produce a spring runoff for the valleys.... I could even rake the yard but I am holding out for snow in hopes it doesn't come to that!...It is so seductive to think maybe we'll get away without a real winter. But it being Montana and always seems to come...and actually I really do like it like that. It feels 'normal.'  All I know is it is Way Too Soon to call winter a no-show..."  Winter has shown! It is still showing!

The Glad To Be Here Project

2018 was dedicated to strengthening our community connections. Danielle, Emily, myself, Hannah and Angie began volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Soup kitchens are great places to give Essiac away as there sure are ample folks in need who appreciate it. Essiac is a new idea to many, often welcome and encouraging.

In this vein, we have started a project encompassing our Flathead Valley and surrounding communities called the Glad To Be Here Project. There are many reasons for being glad to be in the heart of Western Montana, with the grandeur of Glacier National Park and the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake right out your window. We believe a little bit of the healing energy of this place is in every packet of herbs we put out. 

Glad to be here is a state of mind though, and the positive effects from Essiac can make it apply to wherever we find ourselves. There is beauty inside us no matter where we are.

However...there are people here, just like everywhere else, that live with poverty and despair because of health and other problems. We are giving Essiac herbs and/or made-up decoction ready to consume to anyone in our area who would like to try it for a few months or if in need, longer, at no charge. We will be keeping close track of the folks who want to take part in our follow-up research but for those not wishing to share their personal information, no questions asked. Essiac doesn't care about all that.

The heart of our mission is to simply put people and Essiac together. That is truly what we are about more than anything - that and encouraging others to do what we are doing, in their own communities. Say Yes to being an Essiac tea-maker and/or Sheep sorrel grower (for the root). There's a big change coming  and it's returning herbal medicine to its well-earned place at the table. "Essiac is a worthy vocation." - Gregory Klein

The Glad to Be Here Project is putting Buddhist philosophy (lovingkindness, gratitude, service) into action and it is also an experiment to see how high quality local Essiac can make a difference in lives!

The big projects and huge organizations have a role to play but we all do. What it ultimately boils down to really is about making a difference in a direct way, with benefit for giver and receiver alike from one-on-one connections, one person at a time, one day at a time. Saying "Yes" and keeping promises.

It was Rene Caisse's dream that Essiac become freely available for everyone everywhere. We CAN change the world. We were told that one person was not going to be able to, but the rest of the story is that people coming together to heal what is broken opens the doors of miraculous positive change where anything is possible. May the Force be with you!

The Hands Across the Water Project

And so the journey goes. Later this year it will lead us across the ocean to Geneva Switzerland to hear Mali Klein present at the 1st International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology for Ethical and Sustainable Patient Care...but that's another story! ~ stay tuned!

We have a new partner for sourcing Essiac done properly in Europe! We have been working closely with a team based across Germany and Switzerland, Arupa AG, to produce a fresh organic crop Sheep sorrel.  It's been two years in the making and I have now received word that the sorrel roots and tops have been successfully harvested and will be available to us in the next couple of months. Germany has long held a reputation for producing some of the finest herbal medicine in the world and we are very pleased to announce we will be offering an international sampler:  Essiac with German Sheep sorrel and Essiac with US Sheep sorrel - both top quality and certified organic!

Our new partnership with Arupa AG means that we will also be able to offer our overseas friends and customers a more local source for good quality Essiac herbs.  This will help bring down the high shipping rates considerably as well as reduce the delivery times.  For more information click here.  All teas are now in stock and can be ordered online from the link.

Thank you everyone for a great 2018! May our world be blessed with peace and prosperity for everyone everywhere in 2019.

Debbie Jakovac

Owner, Blue Moon Herbs

"This is the Way of Peace: overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." - Peace Pilgrim