Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

More Essiac Choices: Introducing The Blue Moon Herbs Deluxe Sampler Pack!

A multiple choice answer 🙂 The Blue Moon Herbs Deluxe Essiac Tea Sampler Pack

We have been putting together buying options for small and medium budgets at Blue Moon. In the past week we have added two products that widen your choices when looking to try working with the variations on the basic Essiac formula. Now there are three combination pack buying choices, with up to 10% savings!

The Essiac Sampler Pack - $25 - 30g herbs, approx. 6 weeks' supply

The Essiac Tea Combo Program - a six month program - $123 - 120g herbs - Includes the Essiac Essentials Handbook and Program Guidelines.

The Deluxe Essiac Tea Sampler Pack - $55 - 50g of herbs, approx. 3 months' supply + 10g Essiac Topical Solution herbs (can be used either internally or externally) Also includes a 1 oz. measuring spoon and ceramic Blue Moon teacup!

All of our herb mixes (with the exception of Essiac Topical Solution) contain Rene Caisse's classic 4-herb Essiac formula consisting of Burdock, Sheep sorrel (25% roots), Slippery elm and Turkey rhubarb. Essiac Gold also includes Goldenseal and Essiac with Red Clover also includes Red clover. Essiac Extra's Sheep sorrel is 50% roots.

Want Sheep sorrel root?

The Essiac Topical Solution herbs contain 63% Sheep sorrel roots, with Sheep sorrel leaves and Slippery elm inner bark comprising the rest of the mix. There are a lot of different ways to work with this tea mix. It can be taken as you would take regular Essiac, but it is designed to also be used topically. The many possible uses are described with the included instructions. One use that is not mentioned is that it could be used to increase the root content of Essiac made from scratch. This is something to consider, as Sheep sorrel root remains commercially unavailable sold alone.

A little history

The 4-herb Essiac was Rene Caisse's core formula from the late 1920s onward.  However, odds are definitely in favor of her occasionally using some of the other herbs from the original 8-herb formula - Watercress, Red clover, Periwinkle and Goldthread - when they were available and/or she wanted the additional herb for a specific patient. She also substituted other herbs in when supplies were low. For example, she probably occasionally substituted Red clover or Watercress for Sheep sorrel. Essiac Gold and Essiac with Red Clover are two of the adjunct formulae that Mali Klein determined were the most accurate representations of what Rene Caisse was doing, based on testimony from the 1939 Canadian Cancer Commission hearings and many other clues in the Essiac Archives collected and analyzed over time. 

Archival Evidence And a new website: The Essiac Council!

The Essiac Council website

The Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archives Collection is now available online for the whole world to enjoy, study and learn from! I can't begin to say how amazing this new website is! It is completely searchable and worthy of being the database for formal Essiac research for our future and that of everyone on the earth! There is nothing like it anywhere else on the internet for solid Essiac information. We were honored to be one of only a few to receive our own copy of the original archive collection digitally. We very much look forward to analyzing and blogging about the information and evidence, when we are not growing Sheep sorrel or getting in hot water!! Do visit

Enjoy your Essiac and the return of sunnier days. May we all be very well!

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