Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Blue Moon Herbs – A Growing Idea

Greetings all!  It doesn't seem like three whole months have passed since Mali Klein's 2014 visit. It is good to have the relative quiet of winter to absorb it all and start making plans for the coming growing season.  February is like a lingering chance to do that before the sun is flooding in again and it is time to get back in the field! One of my winter projects was putting together this little recap of 2014 in a video format.  So come along for a trip out to our Essiac growing sites in Montana's Flathead Valley to see what we have done in Phase 1 of growing the Essiac herbs.  There is also a section with a few harvesting tips and some footage of Watercress and Goldthread in the wild.  We hope you enjoy it!

It's also on Vimeo, at the Essiac Cafe! Blue Moon Herbs A Growing Idea from Debbie Jakovac on Vimeo.

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