Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

An Essiac Protocol for Serious Illness

Essiac Extra, Essiac Gold, Essiac with Red Clover: Introducing The Essiac Tea Combo Program. Varying the Formula and dosage, Keeping your body engaged in the healing process.

A lot of people have inquired about whether there is a more intense Essiac regimen for serious illnesses such as cancer or even COVID. The standard dosage recommendation is an all-encompassing 1-2 oz. per day regardless of the condition. Rene Caisse didn't go along with the 'more is better' approach, and remained adamant about the lower dosages. However, there is a way to make the smaller doses more potent: increase the amount of Sheep sorrel roots by substituting them in place of sorrel leaves and stems. The Essiac Tea Combo Program includes our most potent Essiac formula, Essiac Extra, Sheep sorrel content 50% roots, as well as two other Essiac combinations, for variety in both dosage and the formula.

Included in the Kit:

  • Four 20g packets Essiac Extra (4- herb Essiac with Sheep sorrel 50% root)
  • Two 10g packets Essiac with Red Clover tea
  • Two 10g packet Essiac Gold tea
  • Program Guidelines
  • The Essiac Essentials Handbook (Mali Klein,  2016, softcover)

This program will last approximately six months. 

In The Complete Essiac Essentials book (2010) Mali Klein presented a series of different possible regimens for people to follow that would accomplish two things that greatly enhance the efficacy of herbal medicine: varying formulae and dosages. This kit does that. All of the herbs are U.S.-grown and either Certified organic or wild-harvested responsibly from clean places.

Here are a couple examples of additional ways to work with the herbs in the kit: (We also include a basic protocol you can follow.)

Vary the dosage

  1. Instead of taking 2 oz. at bedtime, take half in the morning and half at bedtime.
  2. For one week, take 1 oz./30ml per day, and the second week, take 2 oz./60ml per day.
  3. Take an extra serving for up to 3-4 days, either taking one large dose, or dividing it up over the day.
  4. Take one or two days off weekly.
  5. Take one week off after three months.
  6. Take Essiac with the changing of the seasons.

Vary the formula

  1. Vary the amount of Sheep sorrel root, always using formulae with a minimum of 25% root to arial parts. The Sheep sorrel content of all of the herbs in the Kit is at least 25% roots.
  2. Include Goldenseal in the basic formula (Essiac Gold).
  3. Include Red clover in the basic formula (Essiac with Red Clover).

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