Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

New: Essiac with Red Clover, And more.

We are back from the First International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology, in Geneva Switzerland, and very excited to share all of the new understandings we have gained. We have also added a few new products to our online store over the past weeks and months. Here is a quick review, with links!

Essiac with Red Clover - Our nod to Red clover, which is an herb that was in the original 8-herb Native formula, and one that Rene Caisse worked with as an alternative, adjunct therapy to the standard 4-herb Essiac. Available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes!

Essiac Gold - 4-herb Essiac with added Goldenseal. Now available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes! Previously only in the 10g size.

Essiac Sampler Pack. Try one packet each of our Classic 4-herb Essiac, Essiac with Red Clover, and Essiac Gold. Available in 10g and 2 oz. sizes and at a discount over the prices when purchased separately.

The Essiac Master Batch This is our wholesale option. We don't focus our marketing energies on large or faraway stores -- or advertising at all, for that matter! But when it comes to Buying Clubs, nonprofits and other grassroots groups, the Essiac Master Batch is for them. It is priced at 30% off the per ounce price of our 8 oz. size. It is our Industrial scale Essiac, weighing in at 2 lbs. 13 oz., but if you have ten people you will use it up in just a few months or depending on the occasion, a whole lot more people over a whole lot less time. It contains each herb bagged separately so folks can see for themselves the difference between how Sheep sorrel leaf looks vs. the root. Technically, you could make 1/4 of it up, using all of the Sheep sorrel root and none of the aerial parts, for Essiac with the Sheep sorrel content 100% roots! The Master Batch is for economy and also to help bring people together around Essiac, a favorite pursuit at Blue Moon Herbs. 😉

Essiac Topical Solution Herbs Essiac Topical Solution Herbs provide alternative ways to work with a higher content of Sheep sorrel root. The mix is a hefty 63% Sheep sorrel roots, a much higher overall ratio than the 4-herb Essiac tea. Can be used internally or externally.

Enjoy the rest of the summer~!

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