Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

What was the ‘something more’ that Essiac had when Rene Caisse was making it?

I came across this quote. Does anyone know what the "something more" is?
"Those of us who have become involved in researching Rene Caisse's Essiac are all aware that we have not been achieving results on the same scale as she did. From the evidence of the government records alone there can be no doubt that Essiac works. We know there must have been something more in addition to the basic four-herb recipe, the 'something more' that achieved the sometimes spectacular results recorded at the Cancer Commission Hearings of February and July 1939."

The 'something more' was Sheep sorrel root. 🙂 Rene made an injection of Sheep sorrel root decoction that many of the folks testified about receiving, with good outcomes, in the 1939 hearings. In private, Rene swore by the importance of including Sheep sorrel roots, but publicly she did not mention it. Like now, Sheep sorrel root was not commercially available, but Sheep sorrel leaf was, and the world wanted Essiac...Essiac with no Sheep sorrel roots in it is still beneficial, but for folks who are trying to reverse something serious, the root is where it is at and the more the better in proportion to the leaf. The Sheep sorrel root is the 'something more' that was in Rene's Essiac, but not in any of the Essiac that followed after she passed away - till Sheila Snow and Mali Klein discovered the evidence in her papers - until we started doing it that way back in 2008. That was Rene's secret - Sheep sorrel root, injected. I guess that has fallen out of favor as a medical procedure now...but it is yet another aspect of Essiac that deserves a closer look in the research labs.