Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

About Our Herbs

Our herbs are properly dried, prepared, thoroughly mixed and ready to go to make home brewed Essiac tea - sheep sorrel root included.  We mix the herbs up in small quantities as Rene Caisse did, so you can be assured that we are focused on quality vs. quantity.  We are a small business and this is the best way to get good Essiac.  Larger suppliers are not able to put that personal touch into each bag of tea that goes out.  All of our herbs are organically grown or responsibly wildcrafted far from any pollution sources.  All of our Essiac herbs are grown in the US and are not irradiated.  Our herbs are packaged in heavy-duty, double-sealed foil stand-up pouches to protect the herbs from light, moisture and air degradation.

Instructions for making and taking the herbs are included with each package.  A typical dose is one to two fl. oz. per day, and the tea will keep in the fridge for up to four weeks or more.  The instructions include herbs:water ratios for making from one quart to one gallon of the decoction at a time, so you can make up only as much as you expect to use within the shelf life time.  The herbs in their dry form will remain potent for a year or more, if properly stored in a cool, dark, dry place.