Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

What is the truth about Essiac?

This is the name of an article, written in the late 20th century that has not stood the test of time.  The original has long gone missing from the Internet. It was written during the years when there was a lot of hoopla and an explosion of conflicting Essiac information coming at the public from a dizzying number of questionable sources. The only remaining online reference to the original Truth About Essiac article is this December 2001 review of it:

"The Truth About Essiac, on an esoteric site called Sumeria, contains some skeptical information that debunks some of the claims commonly made about the history of Essiac, in favor of another version of the story supporting a different formulation. In fact, there are several competing formulations for Essiac, each of which claims to be the "original" Essiac, and claims that the others are second rate copies. It's a very confusing situation."

The review appears on a website called  Its creator, Steve Dunn, died of cancer in 2005, but they have kept the website live in a lasting tribute to him. The links to Sumeria don't work.

'The truth about Essiac' is a common Essiac search term today.  Because it appeared on the search engine scene so long ago, it has a high ranking, having been kept on life support for all manner of regrettable reasons. Like a trail one follows off the beaten path, only to find it goes nowhere, this search term links to all sorts of places that have nothing to do with the article or the truth 😐 about Essiac.