Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

What dosage should I use for my pet and how to administer?

The Essiac Book reports that "Animals respond very well to Essiac; use the four-herb formula as an oral remedy in conjunction with Essiac 'Gold' for acute cases.  The decoctions can be administered either in drinking water or directly down the throat, using a plastic hypodermic syringe without the needls. Sheep sorrel solution can be used topically or as an enema.  Poulticing is very effective, provided that the dressing cannot be licked or scratched off.  Assess dosage levels according to the weight of the animal.  A cat weighing 10 lbs./4.5 kg can be treated with 2 ml of the tea diluted in 2 ml tepid water once daily.  A dog weighing 100 lbs./45 kg will need the standard 30 ml (one oz.) dose daily."

My dog got used to the syringe method and did not seem to mind taking his daily Essiac at all.  I have also added the decoction to a little bit of chicken broth with good results.  Its best if the dose is given all at once, vs. putting it in a water dish, because it will not stay fresh if left for several hours.

Here is a suggested guide for dosage of the 4 herb decoction:  (5ml is about 1 teaspoon)

5 - 10 lbs. - 1 to 2 ml

10 -20 lbs. - 2 to 4 ml

25 - 40 lbs. - 5 to 8 ml

40 - 50 lbs. - 8 - 10 ml

50 - 75 lbs. - 10 - 15 ml

75 - 100 lbs. - 15 - 20 ml

over 100 lbs. - 20 - 30 ml