Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

No more Essiac with sheep sorrel content 65% roots?

I want to recommend your website (Essiac Tea) to a friend, but was not finding the Essiac tea with 65% root that we recently ordered from you. All I see are the 50% root Essiac teas. Did you decide to only offer the 50%?...........

December 1, 2015: We went through much of our inventory this fall after Ty Bollinger recommended us on the Internet!  We were reaching the end of our commercially sourced whole herb sheep sorrel at any rate, but the increased sales put that on the fast track.  So, we combined the two separate blends back to one, as it was before we had our commercially sourced surplus. The new blend has a sheep sorrel content of about 40-45% roots, and holding!
As we transition to 100% sheep sorrel root from our own beds, the quality will only be going up.  Our herbs are  grown without using any machinery, and are hand-weeded and hand-harvested.  Each plant is cleaned and gone over by hand one by one before being air-dried. Our beds have just begin to produce right on schedule for this.   So - even though the root quantity is down a little, the quality is only going up. 🙂
In 2011 and prior, our root content was about 12%, the minimum recommended by Mali Klein in The Complete Essiac Essentials.  Then Pacific Botanicals took a whole herb harvest in 2013, and we were able to offer a blend (the "50%") with all commercially grown whole herb sheep sorrel. We added extra wild-harvested sheep sorrel roots on top of that to our "65%" blend. But the last harvest Pacific Botanicals took was in 2014 and they did not replant. Our new "back to one blend" has both the commercially grown whole herb sheep sorrel and our own sheep sorrel roots, like the "65%" used to, but with a slightly higher arial parts:roots ratio.
For those who want to boost the root content in their Essiac:  You may have sheep sorrel growing in your garden!  If you can identify it you can dig your own root to supplement your Essiac mix. I also found an online source for small amounts of sheep sorrel root: - but it is $80/100g (3.5 oz.).  The best alternative is to grow some sheep sorrel in your back yard garden, or a flower pot..we sell Essiac seed kits, and Horizon Herbs also sells sheep sorrel seeds separately.