Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!

Essiac recommended dosages – Is there a difference for aggressive treatment vs maintenance treatment?

There really isn't a difference in the recommended dosage between aggressive and maintenance. Some people even start below the low end (1/2 oz., or 1 tablespoon) and work their way up to the 1-2 oz. per day range of the recommended dosage. I would not recommend starting at any more than 2 oz. per day, though, as that could intensify any possible de-tox symptoms.

An extra dose of Essiac per day for a short period of time was allowed for by Rene Caisse, but she argued against taking extra on a regular basis - the so-called "more is better" approach. Varying the dosage within the recommended 1-2 oz. per day range and taking more for short periods as needed is basically the recommendation for working with full strength real Essiac (At least 10% roots - the higher the ratio the better).  If Essiac only has the aerial parts of the plant, often the manufacturer will recommend much higher dosages to make up for the lack of the root, but Rene Caisse never did recommend more than 2 oz. per day no matter what.

One nice thing about Essiac is that it is not toxic in higher doses. It would be unwise, however, to hurry things along by taking more than the recommended dosage, even though there have not been any life-threatening Essiac side effects discovered in over now more than a century of use. (And this is only in reference to the non-Natives of America..this combination of herbs goes back a good 400 years in time, to the marriage of European Sheep sorrel and American Slippery elm). Essiac works best when integrated with lifestyle and diet choices that support good nutrition, balance and moderation, and personal growth.

That all said, some people will take 3 oz. per day which might fit with the higher average weight now compared to 50 years ago. Rene would probably not be too upset with that.