Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!


October is Essiac meetup month!

I am sending out a call to all Essiac users, producers, growers and wildcrafters - let's get together!  October 1 will find myself and Mali Klein in Bracebridge, Ontario, Rene Caisse's home town and where she had her cancer clinic in the 1930s.  We'll be talking to some folks who have had a part in Essiac history, and visiting what's left of the Essiac sites to see. We'll be making lots of video and uploading to YouTube.  I'll be blogging all about it! I am really excited at the prospect of meeting some of my fellow Essiac advocates.

Mali will then be coming out to Montana later in the month, and we'll be putting on the Essiac Master Class in Missoula on October 27.  We'll also be hosting an Essiac meetup potluck at the Bistro in Polson Montana on October 19 for any and all fellow Essiac folk to network and  enjoy an evening with Mali.  Call (406) 883-0110 to reserve a place at the table, or email Debbie!  Let's find our common purpose and work together for Essiac - hope to see you there!

The dream … to grow the Essiac herbs applying permaculture principles, to hand-harvest the herbs, and to provide a model for community-scale production of Essiac and other medicinal herbs.  In doing so, to meet local or regional needs in the retail sector as well as through charity.  To produce the highest quality herbs so that this remedy can be researched properly and its value officially proven, as was Rene Caisse’s lifetime dream.

What else to do in Missoula in October?  Here's a great preview from!

Creative solutions for micro-businesses!

Lately I've been reading about some really cool affordable ideas being put to action for small-time entrepreneurs.  The first one is called SQFT (Square Foot). Its based out of San Francisco and just starting up.  Their mission is geared toward small-time vendors who  couldn't afford to rent traditional retail space but COULD afford a fraction of that amount for a fraction of the time. They are putting them together with underutilized spaces in non-traditional settings. Its a win-win-win Read More →

A Tribute to Jimmie MacKimmie

I had the blessing of having some sessions with Jimmie last fall and it changed my life. I was sad to hear he had passed but I know he is still with us. I'll be at his memorial service. He is a sweet soul. This tribute is full of his healing energy and so well worth the watching whether or not you knew him this side of the sky.

Information, inspiration, action: the alchemy

There is so much information at our fingertips in this 21st century world and lately I, being a child of the 20th century, have been  feeling the gap.  I find myself googling everything while my books gather dust and the days fly by!  I am in awe at the agility of the new generation in electronically interfacing with the world.  There is so much to learn and know and much of it free on the internet.  But its a bit like going for a bath in the ocean... Read More →

Essiac: Back to the Source – a Master Class with Mali Klein

A Master Class with Mali Klein Author of The Complete Essiac Essentials

Save the date!

October 27, 2012
9:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Open Way
702 Brooks Avenue
Missoula MT 59801

Cost: $90 early bird registration, $120 after October 1

Register now!

Click here for a mail-in registration form.

scholarships and work/trade discounts available, first come first served

call (406) 883-0110
or email [email protected]

Lunch provided

Tuition includes herbs, seeds, and a copy of The Complete Essiac Essentials

Private consults available

Author and researcher Mali Klein will be sharing nearly two decades’ worth of her experience working with Rene Caisse’s Essiac herbal therapy in the treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses. This master class is designed for professionals and laypersons, patients and doctors alike. Hands-on training will be provided on how to make the various Essiac formulae that Rene is known to have used. Mali will be available for private consultations.

Also :

  • The original Native American eight-herb formula – lessons from the source.
  • An inside perspective on Rene Caisse, the real person.
  • Recommended treatment protocols.
  • Essiac in your own backyard.
  • The future of Essiac – what can be done to develop Rene Caisse’s legacy.

Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (1888 – 1978) was known for her research and development of an indigenous herbal tea into the combination therapy she dubbed ‘Essiac’ – her surname reversed. Encouraged by eight doctors who petitioned the Minister of Health for Ontario to allow her the opportunity to prove her therapy, Essiac attracted national and international attention initially during the 1930’s, when she operated a cancer clinic in Bracebridge, her hometown in Muskoka, Ontario, and again in 1977 when Homemaker’s magazine published the article, ‘Could Essiac halt Cancer?’

Today the wealth of anecdotal evidence and access to the internet has ensured that Essiac has become a household word, with a wide variety of formulae available for sale. Always conscious of the need for excellence, Mali Klein has been researching and writing about Essiac since 1993 and has co-written four books on the subject.  She is also curator of the world’s largest body of Essiac history, the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive collection.

Cancer The Forbidden Cures – full length movie

Apparently 3/4 of the U.S. is getting rain, hail, or even tornados so here are a couple movies well worth watching:

Happy Independence Day!! Hoping we can have independence in our health care choices, too.

Cancer the Forbidden Cures is an informative documentary, with an excellent section on Essiac. Here is the link to watch:

Not only are Essiac, Hoxsey, Gerson, etc. covered, but also Dr. Tullio Simoncini's theory that Cancer is caused by the candida fungus and can be treated with sodium bicarbonate is explored.  His book by the same name on Amazon is fetching $60!



Cell phones and cancer – new evidence

Its starting to get out that cell phones are actually more hazardous to your health than previously publicized.  Dr. Devra Lee Davis gives a talk on April 4, 2012 before the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences that documents and describes how cell phones are dangerous to have any closer than 5/8 inch from your body, asnd how they are especially dangerous for young children.  I had no idea there were iphone apps for babies in their cribs....baaad idea.  Wow. Read More →

Eat your veggies!

...Did you know that calcium from dairy really doesn't help prevent osteoporosis?  Dr. Michael Klaper, a medical doctor,  presented a lot of very compelling info about the typical American diet  in a video entitled Food That Kills.  

Dr. Kalper states that osteoporosis is not a case of calcium deficiency, its due to a protein excess.  Osteoporosis is virtually nonexistent in China, where dairy is not consumed at all. Read More →

Roots are at the root of it!

Something Rehmannia  Dean Thomas said has piqued my curiosity - he is big on Chinese medicine, and sells mushroom extracts and combinations and also has a channel on  He has a book out called Healing Thresholds, A Modern Journey Into Taoist Health Philosophy, that proposes that "Small changes in behavior - such as thoroughly chewing our food, choosing almond milk instead of dairy milk, taking a green super food, or taking a daily brisk walk - may seem on the surface to be unconsequential things, but such modest, non-invasive shifts in our diet and lifestyle can wind up triggering profound changes in our health and the integrity of our life experience."

Read More →

Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Theresa

I don't mean to offend anyone but these words are my soapbox today.

Especially with Komen for the Cure being in the news, the trailer for Pink Ribbons Inc. got this movie on my to-watch list. The Komen Foundation has always seemed a little too much about publicity around raising money for cancer research...and not enough about looking outside the box for the answers. Back in 1963 Rene Caisse said in I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse, "What actual progress has been made during the past 50 years in the cancer therapy field?....Until the public is aroused, and demands the liberty and freedom to get the treatments of their choice, this tragedy will continue for an indefinite time." Fast forward another 50 years to 2013. Read More →