Essiac tea with Sheep Sorrel roots included!


Eat your veggies!

...Did you know that calcium from dairy really doesn't help prevent osteoporosis?  Dr. Michael Klaper, a medical doctor,  presented a lot of very compelling info about the typical American diet  in a video entitled Food That Kills.  

Dr. Kalper states that osteoporosis is not a case of calcium deficiency, its due to a protein excess.  Osteoporosis is virtually nonexistent in China, where dairy is not consumed at all. Read More →

Roots are at the root of it!

Something Rehmannia  Dean Thomas said has piqued my curiosity - he is big on Chinese medicine, and sells mushroom extracts and combinations and also has a channel on  He has a book out called Healing Thresholds, A Modern Journey Into Taoist Health Philosophy, that proposes that "Small changes in behavior - such as thoroughly chewing our food, choosing almond milk instead of dairy milk, taking a green super food, or taking a daily brisk walk - may seem on the surface to be unconsequential things, but such modest, non-invasive shifts in our diet and lifestyle can wind up triggering profound changes in our health and the integrity of our life experience."

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Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Theresa

I don't mean to offend anyone but these words are my soapbox today.

Especially with Komen for the Cure being in the news, the trailer for Pink Ribbons Inc. got this movie on my to-watch list. The Komen Foundation has always seemed a little too much about publicity around raising money for cancer research...and not enough about looking outside the box for the answers. Back in 1963 Rene Caisse said in I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse, "What actual progress has been made during the past 50 years in the cancer therapy field?....Until the public is aroused, and demands the liberty and freedom to get the treatments of their choice, this tragedy will continue for an indefinite time." Fast forward another 50 years to 2013. Read More →

The Power of Love, and the Pineal Gland

“We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power.  Then will our world know the blessings of peace.”

– William Gladstone

Some Very exciting news!!  The folks at have put up a link to on their Suppression of Natural Remedies page – which I might add is a great read!  The page contains information about Royal Raymond Rife, Harry Hoxsey, Dr. Max Gerson, and …Rene Caisse!  I am really honored to have a link from them!  And I bet if Rene were still alive, she would be overjoyed to see her contribution to humanity being acknowledged in this awesome movie. Read More →

And so it begins

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who stand looking."

– Albert Einstein

I find myself with a blog site.  Thanks to Dutchsinse the “alternative weather guy” on YouTube. Read More →